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Introducing Prairie

Forget all those different username and password combinations once and for all with Prairie; our Internet identity server.

Prairie is a lightweight OpenID based Internet identity server. Instead of registering at every web site with different username and password combinations you use your identity server to log you in.


  • Simple profile webpage (Internet identity).
  • Install as a single user or a service to host many separate users.
  • Contact form.
  • DH-SHA1 support.
  • DH-SHA256 support.
  • OpenID 1.1 complient.
  • OpenID 2.0 complient.
  • Themed "skins" which can be easily downloaded and added.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Free (GPL) software license.

A case study; Identity page of Tom Calthrop

One example of Prairie is the identity page of Tom Calthrop (maintainer of Prairie) and the founding director of Barnraiser.

The identity page is using an out of the box copy of Prairie.

Technical considerations

Prairie requires a web server running either Apache 1.3/2.x or IIS5/IIS6 with PHP5.x installed including GD library, Curl and BCMath.

For multiple instances you will require wildcard sub-domains.


Latest version is 0.2 Alpha : tar / zip.

This is an Alpha release. If you have suggestions or comments please visit our feedback network. If you need assistance please visit our support network.





  • Login to our demonstration by pressing the "manage" link (base of page) then using the email "" and the password of "demonstration".


  • Non available yet.

Language packs

  • Non available yet.

Pairie barn history

Barn logoAlso known as the Midwest Barn, feeder or Western barn, the pairie barn is the iconic image of the American barn; a peaked roof above the hay loft. They were built primarily for livestock (and the hay to feed them). This type of barn was most common in the south-central and western United States during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.